Camino days 21 through 23

Monday October 15 through Wednesday October 17: have had no WiFi access but to continue:

among our dinner companions on Sunday were a young Swiss couple. He had been in Swiss army  and served two years in Swiss guard at Vatican first under Benedict then Francis. Francis lived nearby and greeted them every day and sometimes gave them cookies that had been given to him.

on Monday we walked in light rain along the river to Ponte de Lima a pretty city. Our new rain ponchos protected us and our packs.

on Tuesday we climbed a steep hill  of about 480 meters — the highest on the Camino— and into ribaeis.

pn Wednesday today we walked through the castle city of Valenca and across the river into tui— and Spain! Feels like a landmark but still at least 6 days to Santiago.

a parade of people now on Camino. Have talked to a fun Australian, A gay couple from Florida who are staying out of the USA as much as possible until the next election, a pair of Irish sisters.


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