Camino days 13 and 14

friday October 5 and Saturday October 6: today Saturday was our most pleasant walking day yet weatherwise and we are staying at our most pleasant albergue yet. When we left our albergue in mealhada this morning the temperature was in the 50s. We had on long sleeves and I had on gloves to carry my walking sticks. The temperature went up into the high 80s but a breeze kept the day pleasant well into the afternoon. Now I have even sought out the sun on the patio of our albergue. Bill is looking forward to making dinner in the albergue kitchen thanks to a super Mercado only 300 meters away. Yesterday Friday we encountered many groups of people headed in the opposite direction. They are going to Fatima. The Camino de Santiago followed the route to Fatima up until Santarém and now follows the same path but in opposite directions. At this point I think we have seen more people going to Fatima than to Santiago. October 13 is one of several Fatima pilgrimage days on the 13th of various months. We will try to go there on our way back to Lisbon.


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