Cominos days 9 and 10

sunday September 30 and Monday October 1: we are now in ansiao after much hard walking but the experience I most want to tell you about is our hostel on Sunday night in Vila verde. It is a new hostel that helped us avoid a 19 mile walk into the next available place. We arrived about 1 pm to a note on the door that the owner was expecting us and would be back soon. So we ate our lunch in the yard. Soon Kate and merrilee from Vancouver arrived along with Kees from Holland and Natalya from Moscow both journalists arrived. Finally Eloise from London and her partner Giovanni from Brazil arrived to welcome us to the house. They work for the owner of the house liede from Holland who was not expected to arrive until later after attending her grandfather’s funeral. All so informal but community in the way liede had planned. Her hostel had only been open three weeks. She purposely had no WiFi so people would get to know each other. She Eloise and Giovanni are all in their early 20s. Giovanni is doing construction and Eloise prepared a delicious vegan meal. Roasted beets butternut squash and onions so delicious. It was a delightful community evening that I think will be one of our top Camino experiences. Sweet dreams❤️


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