Camino day 2

Sunday September 23: a better day today. First half of walk was beside busy roads but second half was through a pleasant riverside park. We walked only about six miles to Vila Franca de Xira because of the heat. Then afternoon siesta, a garden walk, some grocery shopping and some reading of Portuguese history. Then dinner with friends. Susan feels better today and walked most of the way. Ruth from England speaks the best Portuguese and gets us through many conversations. Despite our whining about the heat, we are grateful for the many kindnesses shown to us: the people who wish us bom Camino, or point is in the right direction, the many cyclists who politely share the path, the business people we’ve encountered who offer water and all kinds of advice. For example the proprietor of our current hotel told us about an alternative path further along the river, but warned us not to continue if we come to a closed gate — because that means black bulls are grazing in the area. Ha! I don’t think we’ll jump the gate! Tomorrow we plan a 10 mile day but the heat continues. There is a train we can catch if it seems unwise to walk.97C2B656-B646-4B3D-841C-E9B877C45D3B.jpeg


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